Reading Now; The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This is a - since you bought this, why don't you buy this kind of book...from Amazon. Many people know that I LOVE reading books.. for fun.. not for work or school (although I really should read more for work). So I bought the book because of the 10,000+ reviews. Since I bought it, I've had to force myself to drop it!
It was suggested because I had bought Gone Girl. Gone Girl that made all the boys/ men start giving their gf's or wives the "I hope you aren't crazy" look. My bf was a bit disturbed by the movie and I don't blame him!
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins-  at the beginning, its a bit slow, and It's kind of the same thing that drives most women crazy.. I won't say what it is but I'm sure you have an idea.. I had to start  over again twice, and then once I finally moved on from that particular chapter, It started to get interesting. I haven't finished reading it yet, because of work, but I will update this once I finish reading it.
Have you read it ? What do you think ? Should I stop reading it now ? Should I continue ?  Do you think it's just the British version of Gone Girl ?  Let's chat!



Have a great weekend!
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Music 015

Artist - KT Tunstall
Song - Suddenly I See
Mood - Spring is here!
Favorite Line -Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be...


Interior Design; Joanna Goddard - A Cup of Jo - Brooklyn Apartment

One of my favorite blogger - Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo, shared her lovely Brooklyn Apartment! There is so much light in this apartment, and each room has a little bit of every body's personality. I just love the space, and how cosy the apartment is... Here are some pictures from her blog if you'd like to see... 

For more pictures on this lovely apartment, please head over to Joanna's blog! I never go a week without reading her blog! You should too :)


Work 011

Work 011

UNIQLO Premium Linen Patterned Long Sleeve Shirt /
TOPSHOP  Premium Suit Trousers /
H&M Leather Court Heels/
DOROTHY PERKINS White Flower Necklace/
BLOOMINGDALES Nadri Honeycomb Stud Earring/


Weekend; Spring is HERE

It's the first day of spring and last year, I took sooooo many pictures of the cherry blossom tree I have in my house, and I never got to share them. But here are some pictures if you'll like to see..

I'm going to try to take more pictures this year! :)
Have a great weekend!
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Accidental Picture I took not too long ago.. It was a fun festival!
What are you doing this weekend ? Hope it is fun!
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Work 010; Casual Friday

Work 010

 TOPSHOP Long Sleeve Ribbed Polo Neck Top /
TOPSHOP Pleated Scuba Skirt/
JC PENNY Silver Orange Bead Necklace/
ASOS Lily Pad Ballet Flats/



I walked into Whole Foods set on buying the weeks groceries and I found myself at the beauty aisle.. I usually don't go there unless I'm looking for my Witch Hazel (which does wonders for my face) or the bi-monthly Toms toothpaste purchase.. We had featured one of Nourish's products as a P.O.W last year and I was soo surprised to see them at Whole Foods! So I took a sneak peek smell at what they had and my gosh! by smelling all the fragrance collections they had for their body lotion, the Fresh Fig was by far my favorite!! and of course.. it was SOLD OUT.. but no worries.. we can buy them online.. they are 100% organic, and are USDA certified too.. Have you tried it ?