Music 017

Artist - Billy Joel
Song - Why Should I Worry
Mood - Childhood - Oliver and Company 
Favorite Line -I've got New York City Heart 


Trending - A-Line Denim Skirt

Remember when we talked about Jeans trending ? I think about a few months ago , well, lately this particular style of skirt has been making its rounds on the interwebs (yep.. thats what I call the internet...) and I'm not particularly sure if I can pull it off,  It's an A-Skirt, front buttons Jeans Skirt, or in the fashion world, they would call it an A-line Denim Button Mini/Midi Skirt.. or something like that! My guess is that the trend started with Alexa Chung when she designed this for AG. What do you think ? Have you tried it ? It would be perfect for Summer!

If you are interested, here are some places to buy it from -
AG Jeans -The Kety - Allure $179
Urban Outfitters - BDG Denim Button-Front Skirt - $59
ASOS - Dolly Button $50, Polly A-line Button $57



Supergirl - CBS Show Trailer !


 Honestly, when I saw this, I was super excited!! Then I watched the preview, and I felt it was a little cheesy... but was cute! I hope the writing gets better and stronger! Excited for the pilot!


Inspirational Quote

I am starting to learn that I cannont control the things that happen to me in Life. This quote rings true to me. You cannot just give up because you failed once, try try and try again! You don't know what you'll learn and what will help you grow!



This cheesecake was HEAVEN!
Have a good weekend!!

Trending - Chambray/Denim Dress

Alexa Chung for AG Ruffled Chambray Dress at $129.95
Chambray has been making a huge comeback for the past few years especially in the button-down shirt category ( I like this one from J.CREW) and I've been loving Chambray specifically in dresses.
Lou & Grey Striped Chambray Dress
COS Stores Chambray Dress
The first one from Anthropology is my favorite, it's a bit pricey but isn't it so cute and perfect for summer!? I'm still shoping for the perfect budget concious summer dress.
Here are some I am currently loving -
Old Navy - $28
Loft Cutout Linen Dress - $84.88
Zara - Striped Dress - $39.90

 Have you gotten into the trend ?

images via acupofjo.com, oldnavy.com, zara.com, loft.com, anthropologie.com



Art; When Paper Met Leon

I'm such a huge fan of paper art, and when I came across Leon Jorge's paper art, I could not resist sharing it with you! Leon, according to his website is a Spanish Graphics Designer who is currently working in Barcelona, Spain.

His paper art are so detailed, and extremely bright and colorful.

It's funny but I usually associate paper art as work that would definitely be made to good use as store displays, and Mr. Jorge's paper art will definitely draw people especially at a Kid's store!

 I especially love the fruits and vegetables (2nd Picture). Do you know if he is teaching ? I would love to take a class!

For more on Leon's work, please go here