Work 002 - Full Skirt Kind of Day

Work 002

It's a full skirt kinda day!

Uniqlo oxford /
Cameo Rose red pleated skirt/
Zara Court shoes /
Zara patent ballet flat /
Daniel Wellington bracelet watch /
MOOD chunky gold jewelry



I think I can relate to this! Not wanting to grow up but oh wells... its not like we can all be Benjamin Button...



 Dress with Back Pleat from COS 
I've been cleaning out my closet and reminiscing on times when I bought the red shoes I thought I would wear everyday and never wore them once, or the short short dress with a deep open back I wore freshman year to parties that are now so blurry ( fun times I guess ? ). I'm replacing them with versatile clothes like the one above! I miss days of shopping with no aim in mind but as I grow older, I'm trying to buy clothes that will be worn for different occasions.. does that mean I'm becoming an adult ??! :) oh noooo....